Packing Tips for Traveling with Children

It’s hard to pack light for a vacation. You don’t want to forget anything, especially when you are traveling far away. It can be doubly exhausting to limit packing when children are along for the ride. Keep reading for helpful hints to feel secure while you are on vacation.

Have you ever seen the scene in a movie where the family gets to the airport and remembers they forgot something? It’s a real fear we have when we travel. Banish the fear by packing as early as you can for the trip. What will you bring?

Packing Tips

Pack for yourself first. Unless your children are babies, most of what you will need in the way of toiletries will suffice for them. As parents of young kids, carrying their toiletries in your luggage prevents them from being misplaced or getting lost. Medications for the children are also best kept with yours for safety and access. Even if you are traveling by car, keep a separate bag for essential items like medicine and toiletries. It’s easier to keep track of them without having to tear through your luggage. Don’t forget a basic first aid kit as well.

Keep all travel documents together in one place. This includes identification, cash, credit cards, plane, train or bus tickets, phone cards, medical cards, driver’s license and other papers that you might need. If you are traveling internationally, keep a copy of your license, passport signature page, birth certificates and medical cards in your luggage as a backup.

Carry the smallest amount of luggage that you can. One helpful tip is to roll your clothing. Yes, we said “roll.” Rolling pants, shorts, shirts and anything else large saves space in the suitcase. Now you can add souvenirs without making your bags too heavy or having to add an additional bag.

Do the same for your child’s luggage. Rolling their clothing leaves more room to pack the items they want to throw into the suitcase. Pack items needed for scheduled activities on the trip. For example, if you plan on visiting the beach, bring a bathing suit and towel.

Pack a carry-on bag for your child. If you are traveling by plane and you have bought a ticket for your kids, they are allowed a bag on the plane. Besides an extra outfit, you can pack their games, books, wipes, blanket, toys and other needs. For baby, choose a bag that can hold his formula, diapers, wipes, bibs, pacifiers and clothing.

Don’t forget the cooler. If you are traveling by any other means besides a plane, you can invest in a cooler with snacks and other items to eat during the trip.

Are you ready for your trip? Pack well and you won’t need to bring everything and the kitchen sink.

Packing Tips for Traveling with Children



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