How to Save Money on Family Airfare

Long trips can be nothing to look forward to with young children. Sometimes, an airplane is the most practical way for the entire family to travel for holidays or just for vacation. But, is it also the most economical way to take a trip?

Kids would probably like to travel by airplane but parents are warier due to the prices. With a family of four or five, the prices quickly add up and that is just for airfare alone. How will you enjoy the rest of your vacation? Before you despair, here are some tips to lower that cost.

Family Airfare Deals

* Check with travel sites – Sites like KAYAK and Orbitz can be a great resource for airfare deals. A word of caution: You don’t have to necessarily book with them. Use the sites as a guideline to see how airfare is pricing for the time of your intended trip. Unfortunately, all airline flights are not displayed here, so you could miss out on deals that would be beneficial to your family. Know the risks as well. Tickets are often non-refundable and your fare can change without notice which could put you and your family in a bind. Also watch out for hidden fees.

* Check airline sites – Since most people are using sites like KAYAK, they forget that they can also check the actual airline site for deals. If you are traveling with very young children, this would be the place to investigate price breaks on tickets as well as information about child safety seats, carry-on baggage allowances and other fees. Don’t be afraid to use discount airlines like JetBlue and Southwest airlines for domestic travel.

* Try a travel agent – Travel agencies have the distinction of being well-connected with airlines and many vacation destinations. Tell them what you need, and they can work to put together a package for your family that includes airfare and hotel for the price of simply the airfare in other places.

* Travel through the week – It is a well-known fact that leaving through the week is more cost-effective than leaving on the weekend. The same goes for traveling on high-traffic days leading up to holidays. Make provision to take your kids out of school for vacation if it will save you hundreds of dollars instead of traveling on their scheduled breaks.

* Check your destination – Are you traveling to Florida? It could be that some airlines or even the city of your destination itself (Orlando, for example), may offer family travel deals for visiting them. If you plan on visiting Disneyworld with the family, this can save you money.

Planning is the biggest part of family travel. For families with children, doing your due diligence can put more money back in your pocket.

How to Save Money on Family Airfare



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