Vlogs – video blogs explained

What are vlogs exactly? The general term refers to a number of web pages that choose to use videos as journal entries instead of articles. Presented in a reverse chronological order, they find a great support in the use of photos and text; depending on the nature of the videos, there may be need of additional comments to make information relevant. The great part about vlogs is that they perfectly meet the present-day tendency of communicating via the Internet on a very familiar basis: when you see the person behind the text, the blog seems to actually live in from of you.

Most video blogs use some form of web syndication in order to upload and spread the videos online and at the basis of every transmission lies the RSS technology or format. Presently, vlogs, may even be accessed on mobile devices such as pods and mobile phones. Though, the very vlog phenomenon started as a collective attempt, there are many individual video logs that are authored by people who make a hobby out of it. It is a good thing to know that content contributors can get to be paid for their share in the process: on the sole condition that they upload viable material.

Let's take the case of the Google video blogs that enjoy massive success all around the world, it is a collective effort of keeping in touch with people that are thousands of kilometers away from you. Uploading and sharing videos is an instant procedure on http://googlevideo.blogspot.com/, not to mention that Google also provides a directory of vlogs where you may find whatever you're looking for. A similar example of a vlog collection that is also administered by Google is the very popular YouTube, which has attracted thousands of users ever since its beginnings in 2005.

The vlog working principles are less complex than those specific to a regular blog, though the basics are alike. For instance, if you join a video blog community, you'll need your own channel, and signing up is usually required in order to be able to follow the rest of the necessary steps. Once you have a channel, you can simply organize the favorite shows, videos or podcasts from everywhere in the world or simply load and send them across the web. Ipods, iPhones and iTunes are perfectly compatible with vlogs, so that you can pretty much take the web with you everywhere you go.

Vlogs – video blogs explained



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