Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling by Bus

Traveling by bus can be long but it is also an economic choice compared to airfare or driving. If you are making the trip with your children, here are some tips to help you and your family stay safe when making the journey by bus.

Before planes became popular, most people traveled by bus. It did have its advantages. You didn’t have to drive and there were frequent stops to allow you to stretch your legs and get a bit of refreshment. Nowadays, bus travel is still preferred by some.

When you use the bus for trips, always remember to be safe.

Safety Tips When Traveling by Bus

* Get to the bus station early – Buses can be crowded. If you are traveling with your family, arrive early to help you get a better seat on the bus. Since seats are only two on each side, for a family of four, choose seats across from each other. Arriving late could mean you have to sit apart and no one wants to do that with children in tow.

* Keep all valuables on your person at all times – There is no security on the bus except for you. Any valuables can be kept in a travel bag that you keep under your seat. Another option is to store them in your larger luggage that is stowed under the bus. You can also use locks on luggage for further security when traveling by bus.

* Bring a child safety seat – Be sure that your child’s seat is designed for travel on a motor coach. Strap your child securely in the seat and then secure the seat to the bus seat.

* Bring food and drink that you need – There are no restrictions when it comes to food and drink other than no alcohol. If your child gets hungry and restless, healthy snacks may help quieten them down. Bring a collapsible cooler for drinks and anything that needs to be kept cold. Besides, not all bus stations provide food - only vending machines.

* Disembarking the bus – Whenever you leave the bus, take your belongings with you. Don’t leave your purse or your child unattended on a bus. For families, let one parent disembark with the children while you wait with your personal belongings.

* Travel off-peak – Holidays are busy seasons for bus travel. To avoid a lot of travelers, choose a time when few people are taking trips. Book a weekday departure and travel during the day instead of at night for safety reasons.

* Travel light – This can be hard with kids, but it will benefit you in the end. If you have to transfer from one bus to another, you are responsible for carrying our own luggage. Choose a travel bag with wheels.

Traveling by bus is economical, but it worries some people. By taking certain precautions, you can have a safe and enjoyable ride with your family.

Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling by Bus



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