Different Styles of Pizza Ovens

While there are many styles of pizza, there are just as many styles of pizza ovens. What you put into an oven makes a huge difference in what comes out as far as taste is concerned. The different degrees of cooking and temperatures as well as materials used to cook your pizza will be responsible for the way it hits your taste buds.

The Wood-Burning Oven

You will typically find a wood burning oven in a restaurant or café where what goes on top of the pizza is equally as important to what the pizza goes in as far as taste buds are concerned.

A wood burning oven uses either coal or wood to fire it up and can reach very high temperatures. Your pizza will come out with the smoky flavor of the wood burning oven and be evenly cooked all around as the temperature gets so high and the pizza is cooked so rapidly.

The Standard Conveyor Oven

Fast food places and pizza cafes that have a high turnover usually use the standard conveyor oven. Pizza in the raw is placed in the conveyor and gas flames cook the pizza as it makes its way down the conveyor belt through the other side.

Pizza is cooked rapidly and quickly so that the turnover wait time is not long at all.

Stone Shelves

Ovens that are stacked with stone shelves for cooking the pizza upon are also popular with the more upscale pizza restaurants. This offers the authentic taste of pizza that is cooked all around on heated stones. Many individuals try to mimic the taste of stone shelves at home by buying pizza stones to recreate that taste and mode of cooking pizza.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Just as there are many types of restaurant, café, and pizzeria style ovens, there are dozens of styles of outdoor pizza ovens. For some, outdoor living is just not the same unless an outdoor pizza oven is incorporated into a patio or deck design.

Outdoor pizza ovens are crafted from brick, cement, or stone and can also be wood burning, or coal burning.

If you are interested in creating your own outdoor pizza oven, an expert in outdoor design is your best bet.

These are just some of the different types of ovens that go into the making and creating of your pizza.

You may have thought, up until now, that it was all in the toppings; however, a lot has to do with the oven your pizza is put into to determine the way that pizza comes out.

Different Styles of Pizza Ovens



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