Make Your Own Homemade Pizza

Cooking in a Pinch: Make Your Own Homemade Pizza

If you have ever forgotten to defrost something for dinner the night before, you know that you will be worrying about that all day – what will I cook for dinner tonight. Thankfully, pizza is easy, fun, and everyone will be just as thrilled as you are annoyed that you forgot to defrost something for dinner.

It is a wise idea, first of all, to always keep some frozen dough in your freezer for such occasions. Read the back of the package, typically most frozen dough is ready to use within a few hours of either being defrosted by refrigerator method or at room temperature.

If you do not have all the ingredients you desire, running to the market on the way home and simply picking up some fresh basil, fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce will make a gourmet, fresh, and easy pizza.

Get the Whole Family Involved

If time permits and everyone is home based for the evening, you may wish to make your own homemade dough. If not, frozen dough that is defrosted at room temperature or in the fridge is perfect too.

Call up the family on the way home from work and see who wants what on their pizza. If someone like an older teen that drives is available to do a quick supermarket run to pick up some olives, red onion, mushrooms or whatever anyone wants, let them help out.

When you get home, you can have one of your younger children roll out the dough. Smaller children love to play with dough and flour.

Make an assembly line, having each person either make or add his or her favorite ingredients. Pop the finished product in the oven but not without taking pictures first. Post your pictures and have a contest on who made the most attractive pizza. Make if fun. Turn something that could have been a disaster (forgetting to defrost something for dinner) into a fun and creative evening.

Be Creative
If your family is like most, agreeing to disagree when it comes to pizza may be an issue. If that is the case, make individuals and smaller pizzas called pizzettes. Everyone can add their own flavor and flair from pineapples to pepperoni on their own individual pizzas.

Try making half-and-half pizzas. One side could be cheese and pepperoni and the other side can be sausage and peppers. The possibilities are endless.

Cooking in a pinch by making pizza for dinner is a sure fire way to get everybody involved in the dinner making process and to bring the family together for a few minutes of fun and creativity.

Pizza is not only good to eat; it is a great way to get close with those you love.

Make Your Own Homemade Pizza



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