For the Love of Pizza

There probably is not a person around who does not know what a pizza is and has never tried it. However, the history of pizza is a little bit unclear. Tradition has it that pizza originated in Naples, Italy, yet some forms of pizza are dated back to ancient Greece.

A well-known baker is supposed to have created the pizza in honor of Queen Margherita using the beautiful colors of the Italian flag of red, green, and white. White being the mozzarella cheese, red being the sauce, and green, of course, the basil.

From there somewhere in the early 1900s, pizza made its way to the United States most notably through the states of Chicago and New York. In today’s culture, however, pizza is considered to be American fare even though it got its roots in Italy.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Whereas pizza traditionally started out as cheese, sauce, and dough, today pizza has evolved tremendously. Pizza is found anywhere from a slice to go on the streets of New York City to sit down cafes that specialize in every topping, ethnic background, and spice.

New York Style Pizza typically has a thinner crust and the best part of making a New York pizza is by tossing the dough through the air and catching on the way down. Patrons never tire of seeing this and relate it to true New York style pizza.

Spicy buffalo chicken and enchilada pizza are favorites along with salad pizza for those at least attempting to be a bit more health conscious.

Shapes and Sizes of Pizza

Pizza originated in the flat, round shape that it is commonly found in today. However, Napoleon pizza is found in square form and also has any, all, or no additional toppings if you desire.

A calzone is also considered a pizza. A calzone is dough stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and anything from ham to broccoli and folded over then baked.

Pizza comes in traditional eight slice pies to miniature pizzettes for individuals.

Different Methods of Cooking Pizza

There are many different ways to cook a pizza, as well as many different recipes. A wood fired oven or a brick oven will cook a pizza more evenly than a traditional oven. There are also pizza stones available in your home stores that will try to recreate this evenness when making pizza at home.

However, you eat it, cook it, or shape it, pizza is a great and wonderful tradition enjoyed by just about everyone.

For the Love of Pizza



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