5 Easy Ways To Use PLR Articles

PLR content provides a great shortcut to content creation and it means you will never get to stare at a blank screen trying to come up with clever ideas for articles. Unfortunately not many marketers use this content and so many people end up with piles of PLR collecting dust on their hard drives. This could change if people found out exactly how they can make use of PLR, so let's see how you can incorporate it into your marketing plan.

1. Membership websites

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to add great value to your membership site continuously. You could start by purchasing a bunch of PLR video squeeze pages for your membership site and see how that works for you. Alternatively, you could create a fixed-term membership website with PLR, load up the content into Aweber and automate the system.

2. Webinars

PLR can work as the basis for a webinar presentation provided you can create nice slides with Powerpoint and work with other marketers to present your webinar to their lists. When you use tools such as OneclickTool.com you can turn it into a successful lead generator.

3. Podcasts

This is actually pretty simple; you just pull out your headsets and get to work on repurposing your PLR into an audio format. You can access easy-to-use softwares online that will help you do this, and after you're done you can submit the audio to podcast directories such as iTunes.

3. Blog articles

When you get hold of good PLR content, add your own title, and make sure it stands out. After that you can add in the affiliate links and if need be, you can rewrite some of the content to put it into your own voice, so to speak, and with that you have a simple system where you can load your blog with great articles.

4. Affiliate bonus

Affiliate marketing is one of the most competitive fields for anyone to work in so you always need that unique angle to promote that new product launch. The good news is with tools such as PLR to Wordpress themes, plugins, templates and softwares, you can create unique bonus packages for your affiliate product.

5. Autoresponder sequence

Perhaps you're one of the many people who haven't yet figured out what sort of content they should be emailing their list or you just have a difficult time creating content for your subscribers. Well, use PLR and break them up into short articles, then add your personality by creating a unique intro and outro, then load the content into your autoresponder.

5 Easy Ways To Use PLR Articles



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