7 Ways To Make Money From PLR Products

There are several proven strategies of making money from PLR products and we're going to look at some of them so you can learn how to maximize your profits. Some of these ideas may spark new ideas from you so ensure you jot them down as they come to you.

1. Sell 'As is'

It's the most common way to generate income from PLR products. Just upload your content along with any sales material included and start selling. Remember to add a newsletter signup form and include an upsell as a way to boost your original offer.

2. eBay

Not all product creators like the idea of their products getting sold on auction sites so you may have to verify this. One way to get around this is to sell a related product on eBay, and then make the buyer- who is now your customer- a backend offer where you can sell them the main PLR.

3. Publish content online

You can take a book, chop it up into chunks and then publish the content onto a niche site or blog. The content will generate traffic for you, and when you throw in AdSense clicks and affiliate commissions, you will have a solid revenue stream.

4. Use the autoresponder

This strategy works a lot like the one above, the difference being that you will publish the content to your autoresponder as opposed to a blog or site. By chopping down a book or similar text, you can create usable content which you would then load up and select a frequency to be submitted to subscribers.

5. Combine products

This is yet another interesting strategy, where you combine relevant material into one larger course on a specific topic. Lets say for instance if you had five different products on weightloss, you could combine them to make a more comprehensive course on the subject.

6. The funnel strategy

Take the 5 weightloss products we mentioned in the previous example and create a sales funnel where you recommend each product to a new customer on the backend. For instance if you sold one copy of 'Weightloss Secrets', you can then add the customer to your autoresponder where they can get follow-up messages about the other four related products.

7. Repackage

When you repackage your product it gives the customer the illusion that the product is unique and can't be found anywhere else. It also allows you to modify and improve the overall quality of the included sales page and graphics. When done right, it can yield great income.

7 Ways To Make Money From PLR Products



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