3 Proven Ways To Use PLR Content

As a marketer you may know how PLR works but you may not be utilizing it perfectly as a lucrative marketing tool. PLR offers many ways to create effective web presence but it requires proper use of the content. Learn how you can use it uniquely and effectively to gain traction online.

1. Special Reports

You may already know this but special reports have a way of establishing you as an authority among niche markets. You may choose to focus on the stock market or the housing market in a specific area but whatever you do, ensure you attract a specific demographic that would be interested in the news.

One advantage of using PLR in this form is the fact that it allows you to gain authority and trust in your target audience, because you provide them valuable news without trying to sell them anything. You must however, develop expertise in a certain area because you still need decent writing skills even with access to PLR.

2. Article directories

You may have taken an article in the past and sliced it up then submitted it into article directories. It's a common thing among marketers but you may be wondering why anyone would submit articles they paid for. It's a valid question but remember when you submit an article you also leave behind a link to your site, so basically what you're doing is marketing your brand.

When you submit quality articles, you can be sure to generate traffic to your site and as you continue to post the articles, other people will read them and distribute them, which leaves dozens of links out there all directing people to your site.

Many SEO specialists do this as a way to grow the number of backlinks to their sites. Backlinks are important because they give you traffic and they also determine your site ranking when used by Google analytics.

3. Create a course

You may have found out that people love to sign up for courses online but most eBooks don't facilitate this. This is where PLR comes in; with a little tweaking you can repurpose an article and if you have an automated email system then you have everything you need to start a course on any topic. You can slice up the eBook and distribute bits of it every month so that a single eBook provides an annual course. The advantage here is that you'll engage your audience, get to charge them for a fun course and keep your site interesting.

3 Proven Ways To Use PLR Content



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