Making Money on Tumblr - Keep it Simple

Tumblr is still relatively new to the social media scene, so if you aren’t familiar with it, you are not alone. That said, now is the time you should add it to your social networking tools because making money on Tumblr can be achieved rather easily. Just remember to keep it simple.

Tumblr is created for quick and easy posts occur and the information you are sharing about your business on Tumblr should reflect that. A common mistake is to use Tumblr like Facebook. That’s not in your best interest. You see, customers are much more likely to read small bits of information quickly than a long messages. Multi media is supported and encouraged as it’s a great way to capture the interest of your viewers – audio, video and photos files.

Make sure to install Google Analytics to track your visitors and find out what they are actually looking at. By using this tool, you can ensure you keep adding relevant content that engages your viewers. It also allows you to get rid of content styles that are are not working.

Your visitors and followers should see your Tumblr blog as a useful resource. Business blogging should focus on offering useful information to visitors rather than trying to persuade them to try/buy a product/service. If you do a good job of educating the consumer, they will want to learn more about your product and eventually make a decision to try your product/service because you have demonstrated to them the value of it.

For example, let’s say you have a carpet cleaning business. You could blog about how often to shampoo carpets or maybe you run a courier business, you could blog about the most effective way to send a package or how to properly package glass, etc. Take some time to think about what type of information will benefit your customers and potential customers.

If you want to make money on Tumblr you are also going to have nurture your page. The more effort a business blogger puts into the Tumblr page the more they are going to get out of it in terms of building customers and generating revenue.

The more you update your page the better. It should be no less than 3 times a week, but it is preferable if it is done at least once a day. Remember the more you post, the more engaged you will be with your visitors and the more engaged you are the more money you can generate.

Making Money on Tumblr - Keep it Simple



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