The Unsung Power of Tumblr

There is no question that Tumblr is very popular as a personal diary, yet what many aren’t aware of is that this little gem can do a lot more. Tumblr is an inexpensive yet powerful tool for both newbie bloggers and blogging pros alike. Tumblrs focus on simplicity has masked its real potential, which is likely why Tumblr is so often overlooked and more familiar blogging platforms like WordPress are choosen instead.

If you are ready to become a Tumblr Tycoon you will never have to know a thing about code to make your template work, you won’t have to care about CAPTCHA plugins and there are no monthly fees. Here are some great tips if you want to blog with Tumblr and discover its true power.

#1 Feedburner – Make it Your Best Friend
Tumblr lets you swap out the default blog feed and then replace it with Feedburner, which makes it a lot easier for you to analyze your subscribers and use ads to generate revenue. Create your Feedburner account and then you can add the service to your Tumblr by going to your Dashboard and clicking ‘Customize’ link, then click the ‘Services’ tab and paste your Feedback link in the field.

#2 It is All About Your Appearance – Well, at Least the Appearance of Your Tumblr
There are many free Tumblr themes as well as premium themes. You can also have someone design a Tumblr theme for you. Your theme is one the most important things you will do for your blog to help grow the number of users and increase your traffic flow, so make sure you give it the attention it deserves.

#3 Google Analytics
No where else is it as easy to insert your Google Analytics as it is with Tumbr. You should really take the time to generate and insert this code into your blog because it will provide you with so much useful information about how your micro blog posts are doing.

#4 Take it Social
Your Tumblr posts can automatically be posted to Facebook and Twitter without you having to install a plugin or use third party service. You can find this feature under the ‘Services’ tab. You can significantly increase your audience using these tools along with your traffic. It’s a breeze to use so why not? It will help you unpack the power of Tumblr.

Tumblr is ‘the new kid on the block,’ and as a result its power as a social networking tool are often overlooked. Of course, those who have discovered how it can be used to significantly increase traffic flow to their website and generate revenue, aren’t talking about their new found treasure.

The Unsung Power of Tumblr



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