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If you are serious about your vegetarian lifestyle, you may want to check out a great magazine that has an equally great website – “Vegetarian Times”.  In publication for over ten years, “Vegetarian Times” is a great guide for the serious vegetarian as it gives you all the information you need to know to live a successful vegetarian lifestyle.

“Vegetarian Times” gives all the advice that their readers need to live a more healthful lifestyle that is the vegetarian way of living.  Every month, the magazine contains a variety of delicious, staff-tested vegetarian recipes along with cooking tips and entertaining suggestions.  They also give comprehensive coverage of the latest research on health, nutrition, and fitness for vegetarians everywhere.

There are many, many great articles in “Vegetarian Times” on a variety subjects including how to deal with disapproving family and friends who don’t support your lifestyle, how to get your whole family involved in the vegetarian lifestyle, and ways to save money on food when cooking vegetarian.

Personal stories can be terrific for the struggling vegetarian as support for making the switch such a different lifestyle than what you are used to living.  “Vegetarian Times” gives personal stories of people who have been living as a vegetarian for some time and how they coped with the struggles and adversities that they have encountered as well as how they overcame those problems.

The “Vegetarian Times” website gives a lot of great information as well as hundreds and hundreds of recipes for you to try out in your home.  They even have a reader recipe contest where you can submit your own vegetarian recipes that the staff at “Vegetarian Times” will test out and vote on which ones they like the most.  The website is located at www.vegetariantimes.com and has so much information, you can literally spend hours just browsing the different sections.

However, some people like to have an actual magazine that they can take with them and refer back to easily when they need it.  “Vegetarian Times” is published nine times a year and will be delivered directly to your home when you sign up for a subscription.

You can get two free issues of “Vegetarian Times” as a free trial to see if you like the magazine.  Subscribing is easy to do online.  After you have received your two free issues, if you want to continue your subscription, all you pay is $14.95 for a full year of this great magazine.

You can never get too much advice or help when you decide that a vegetarian lifestyle might be for you.  When you subscribe to “Vegetarian Times”, you’ll get much more than advice, you’ll get support, great recipes, and so much more!

Vegetarian Times



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