Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook

One of the leading magazines for the vegetarian lifestyle is “Vegetarian Times”, and since they are the leaders in the industry, it is only natural that they would publish a complete cookbook for the complete vegetarian.  Since they offer up many vegetarian recipes in each issue of their magazine as well as on their website, it was a natural progression that we would eventual see “The Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook”. 

In the latest edition of “Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook”, they have over 600 vegetarian recipes along with comprehensive information on vegetarian diet and nutrition. It's the definitive guide for vegetarians as well as an inspiration to all cooks who want fresh new ideas and great taste. Forget about labels—this is the vegetarian cookbook that everyone will love!

Inside the pages of “Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook”, you will find updated recipes for classic concoctions along with a variety of ethnic recipes with a twist and so much more!  There is so much information in this great cookbook that many experts feel that it will become THE cookbook for the vegetarian in no time at all.  Not only will you find easy, everyday recipes, you will find menus for dinner parties, appetizers you can serve guests at a cocktail party, and snacks that you can feed the kids – all vegetarian friendly!

Whether you're a vegetarian, a vegan, or simply a cook who wants to try new dishes and discover ideas for meatless menus, this book will be a mainstay in your kitchen. From appetizers to desserts, informal lunches to holiday feasts, 30-minute recipes to sure kid-pleasers, it has it all. Chapters on the vegetarian diet, nutrition, and kitchen wisdom feature interesting tips and tidbits that add flavor to the information the way cilantro and basil flavor the recipes. Sixteen full-color photographs present the food in a tantalizing and appealing way.

In addition to new ideas featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients and vegetarian staples like grains, legumes, and tofu, you'll find recipes you never thought you'd see in a vegetarian cookbook, including Breakfast Hash, Colcannon, Jambalaya, Brunswick Stew, and Sloppy Janes. Surefire family favorites include Cheddar & Chili Party Cheesecake, Total Chocolate Eclipse Cake, Mozzarella "Meatball" Heroes, and Easy Manicotti alla Romana.

You'll use this cookbook to update your cooking style, find inspiration, prepare healthier meals, and add variety to your menus. The recipes will become favorites you'll prepare often—not just because they're vegetarian, but because they're so very good.

Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook



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