Pizzas from Different Parts of the World

Although pizza is typically thought of as being originated in Italy with famous roots in Chicago and New York, there are many different types of pizzas and toppings from different parts of the world.

While wherever you may come from may seem that other parts of the world have unusual tastes in pizzas, they may think the same about us. A pizza topped with seafood may be everyday fare for someone in another country; however, an all cheese pizza may be considered snobbish to someone from another country, as well.

Here are a few of the different types of pizza from different parts of the world.

French Pizza

As many individuals know, French bread pizza is made with French bread. However, what many individuals do not know is that French pizza is also made with anchovy fillets and calamatta olives. Flaky puffed pastry and spices such as thyme and parsley with a dose of really good olive oil makes French pizza something really unique.

German Pizza

One form of German pizza is a pizza that eats like a meal in itself. It has peppers, onions, chopped meat, and potatoes. Milk, cheese, butter, and eggs are also ingredients found in this one particular version of German pizza. It serves like a meal, a pizza, and an omelet all rolled into one.

Believe it or not, another version of German pizza is served with tuna on top. Many people like anchovies on their pizza and this version of German pizza uses canned tuna.

Italian Pizza

Italian pizza comes in many ways and varieties. Not only is Italian pizza diversified in its ingredients, it is also diversified in the way that it is cooked. Italian pizza may have anchovies, sausage, ham, different types of cheese and even past on top. Some Italian pizza has no tomatoes and just olive oil and ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

Other Italian pizzas are cooked in traditional ovens while some are cooked in coal burning ovens made out of brick.

Japanese Pizza

The Japanese pizza uses a variety of ingredients, to say the least. Japanese pizza can consist of mayonnaise, potatoes, bacon, and fish in the family of eel or squid. As stated earlier, some may think that a typical cheese pizza is unusual while others are quite used to eating pizza with different types of fish on top of it.

Once  you have tried all the traditional and creative toppings in your country, why not venture out and try one of the above recipes and see if can duplicate the recipe at home.

You never know, a pizza from a different country may just be your new favorite.

Pizzas from Different Parts of the World



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