It’s Time to Talk About the Uncommon Tips for Facebook Ad Success

When it comes to talking about tips that will make your Facebook ads a success there are certainly plenty of them floating around. However, there are also, many uncommon tips that we don’t hear so much about that can make our Facebook ad campaigns that much more successful. That’s what we are going to look at right now. That way you can combine all of the great tips you get together to create a solid Facebook ad campaign.

#1 Track Your Performance
One thing that’s often omitted is the tracking of ad performance. Far too many marketers throw up their ad then sit back and wait. The trouble is you never know if the ad is performing well or poorly. Take advantage of Google Analytics to regularly track your ad performance. Make sure your ad is generating interest and make sure it hasn’t reached the ‘burn out’ phase. You should change your ads at least every six months. This includes new copy, headlines and images.

#2 Have a Landing Page Clear Call to Action
Once the user clicks the ad, they need to know what they are supposed to do next. If the message is mixed on the landing page, they’ll simply click the back button and be gone. You need to ensure that you have a single clear call to action that your visitors can easily understand and that they can easily follow the directions. For example, ‘click here,’ or ‘signup now.’ Graphic call to actions tend to work the best.

#3 Understand ROI
ROI or return on investment is a very important part of knowing your ad success. You need to know how to track your ROI and how to calculate it. There are 5 things needed to calculate your ROI.
1. Total number of impressions
2. Total cost of your Facebook ad(s)
3. Click rate/response rate
4. Conversion rate
5. Average profit per sale

What you are going to calculate is the cost to get the sale. Once you do this calculation you will be able to determine your profitability.

#4 Keep Your Landing Page on Facebook
Consider creating a custom landing page right on Facebook. This will help you keep the cost of your ads lower than when you send traffic to another website. It also gives you the added bonus of being able to pickup more likes and still meet your conversion goals.

Facebook ads are a valuable tool especially when the user makes the most of them!

It’s Time to Talk About the Uncommon Tips for Facebook Ad Success



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