Why You Should Split Test Your Facebook Ads

One of the key things any advertiser using Facebook ads must do is make sure that their ads are running the best they can.  Far too often advertisers launch a Facebook ad campaign, pay little attention and then are shocked, disappointed, even angry when they see they spend $200 and the results were minimal. Instantly Facebook is blamed, but the reality is that you create your ads, you define the targeted audience that will see those ads, and it is up to you to make sure your ads are providing the results you want. This is why you should split test your Facebook ads every time! Top notch marketers know that performance is the result of testing-testing-testing.

Let’s pretend you are going to run an ad. You need to include an image on that ad to attract the attention of the viewer. How will you know which image will draw the highest targeted click through rate. You’ll determine this with split testing. Always only change on a component of your ad at a time so that you can track and compare accurately. First, you might change your image, then you might change something in the wording of your text, or you might change colors. Whatever you are doing always only make a single change at a time.

There are actually a limited number of things you can change, but here are the four main groups that you should always test your ads against.

1. Ad Image – Take time to test various images to find the image that performs best. Sometimes it’s about the image itself. Sometimes it’s about the colors. Sometimes it’s about the size. You get the idea. For example, you might find that females respond better to images that are pink or that contain a lot of pink.
2. Ad Copy – What is your message saying? Change the copy wording. Change what you are asking for. For example, asking the viewer to click ‘like’ works pretty well.
3. Interest Groups – You target your interest groups when you create your ads. These are the people that are likely to be more passionate about what it is you have to offer. It’s expensive to target those people that aren’t your interest group. So make sure you spend some time with trial and error here.
4. Demographics – Among your interest groups are the demographics of that group. Try splitting your group further into age, gender, etc. and then try your ads. The better you do this the better your ads should perform.

Split test your Facebook ads to make sure you get the most from your Facebook ad campaign.

Why You Should Split Test Your Facebook Ads



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