How You Can Grow Your Facebook Likes on Your Business Page

You’ve created your Facebook Page but without ‘Likes’ and fans, your page isn’t going to benefit you the way you want it to. Let’s look at how you can grow your Facebook likes on your business page.
  1. Use Google Analytics to measure your Facebook ROI. If you have e-commerce on your website, it just takes a little bit of code for you to be able to track your social media activity.
  2. Brand your apps so that they have the look and feel of your company’s branding and so they fit with your cover image. With the exception of Facebook provided apps (Notes, Events, Likes, Photos) you can change the image to fit your branding.
  3. Create custom app buttons. Use a site like Pixlr.com to edit your image to the right size or you might even have software on your computer. You’ll want your image to be 74 pixels tall by 111 pixels wide to keep the correct ratio.
  4. When you are marketing on Facebook, you should focus on one goal at a time. Pursuing more than one objective at the same time actually leads to a reduction in your impact.
  5. In your Facebook marketing, it can help to think like you are the editor of a magazine. Why is your magazine better than the competitor’s magazine? How are you going to keep your visitor engaged? How are you going to balance your ads with your content?
  6. Select various posts to feature on your timeline stream.  Make the post visible on your main timeline by going to the recent posts by others and then hovering over the right corner of the post you wish to add to your timeline click on the ‘X’ and then choose ‘Allow on Page.’
  7. Get enhanced Facebook Page notifications. That way you will not miss any posts. Facebook notification system doesn’t seem to notify users of comments on long threads so to make sure you don’t miss out on any notifications use a third party app like hyperalerts to keep you in the loop.
  8. If you are new to Facebook Pages, you can take it offline until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your page. To do this go to your ‘Admin Panel’ then choose ‘Edit Page’ followed by ‘Manage Permissions.’ Check the box beside ‘unpublish the page.’ Then save your changes.

How You Can Grow Your Facebook Likes on Your Business Page



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