The Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are at the heart of your Facebook page. You want to build your fans, but you also want those fans to be relevant! So let’s look at the best methods to increase Facebook likes. 

Method #1 Increase Facebook Likes Using Contests
One of the easiest methods to interest people and draw them to your page is using contests. People like free items and so you can see why offering something free would increase new fans to your page especially when the condition to entering the contest is that you must like the page first. The lure of winning a prize helps you to target your market and grow your likes.

Method #2 Grow Your Facebook Fans and Likes With Like Gated Coupons
Coupons are another great way to promote your Facebook page. The coupon doesn’t have to be big. It can be as small as 10% off a purchase. It is a great way to provide your audience an incentive to purchase the product(s) you offer and you can still keep your profit margins looking pretty healthy.

Method #3 Increase Facebook Likes Using Ebooks
Depending on your industry, education can be a better incentive than even offering a prize or a discount. This is especially true with B2B companies who like to receive free e-books or white papers that provide them with information and tools to help them grow their business. This is a great way to drive large numbers of visitors to your page and increase your fans significantly. You are dealing with a targeted audience, which is exactly what you want.

If you aren’t sure what your ebooks should be about consider what your business is about and what you can share with your potential customers that will be useful and hook them on what you have to offer. Your ebook should also include a strong call to action that has the reader wanting to know more and wanting to take advantage of the service(s) you offer.

If you want to maximize your reach in promoting your offers, consider taking advantage of Facebook ads, which are very affordable and allow you to easily target your market to maximize your benefits. These ads are different than Google Ads so don’t confuse them. You can learn more about Facebook Ads under the help section on Facebook.

Method #4 Provide Useful and Engaging Content

In addition to offering free things or coupons make sure that the content that is on your page is useful, interesting and engaging. That way your visitors are more likely to comment and strike up a conversation. In turn, those conversations get shared and that spreads your reach.

The Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes



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