Easy At-Home Drills to Train Your Child With

If your child has a bit of spare time, after he (or she) is done with his homework, it might be a good idea to spend some time doing a few drills at home. Doing soccer drills will allow your child to perfect his skills and advance faster than other classmates who aren't practicing as diligently.

So what kind of drills can you do at home?

==> Kick the Wall

One simple drill for practicing kicking a ball accurately is to pick a spot on a wall and try to hit that spot.

Move the spot around and vary up both the distance from the wall and the angle of the shot.

In the beginning, you might just want to practice kicking the ball straight at one spot straight ahead. Over time, try to hit the spot from the right or the left, from close or from far.

This is great for practicing both shooting skills and long distance passing skills.

==> Basic Dribbling Practice

Basic dribbling practice involves dribbling the ball from Point A to Point B. If your child has already mastered basic dribbling, try adding a timer.

For example, say your child can dribble from Point A to Point B in 25 seconds. The goal for the week might be to get that time down to 22 seconds.

This helps train your child to dribble quickly without losing the ball.

==> Practice Turning while Dribbling

Turning while dribbling quickly without losing the ball involves a lot of skill and takes a lot of practice.

Start by practicing turning skills in general by dribbling in a square. Again, use a timer to help practice increasing speeds of turning without losing the ball.

Once your child has mastered turning when he knows which way the ball needs to go, randomize things. Have your child dribble quickly, while you shout out "right!" or "left!"

When you shout, he turns. This kind of unexpected turning simulates a real game much more closely.

==> Pass It Backwards

This is a variation of the "Kick the Wall" drill that combines kicking skills and dribbling skills. Have your child dribble up to a certain point near the wall, then pass it backwards.

Your child should have a specific spot he's trying to hit when he passes it backwards. This will help train his skills in passing the ball in difficult situations during the game.

These are a few drills you can use with your child to improve his shooting and his dribbling. Remember that sometimes a child will want you there to help him practice, while at other times he'll just want you to leave him alone. Listen to your child and give him both the space and the support he needs to succeed.

Easy At-Home Drills to Train Your Child With



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