Communication Tips for Sharing Soccer Mom Responsibilities

If you want to be a great soccer mom without getting stressed out all the time, learning to share responsibilities is going to be critically important. By sharing responsibilities with other soccer moms, you'll be able to reduce the amount of time you have to spend taking care of the kids. You'll also be able to reduce your stress.

Here are a few tips for sharing responsibilities with other soccer moms.

==> Have Clear Agreements on What Will and Won't Be Done

Let's say you've agreed to drive three other kids to soccer practice. But you have a doctor's appointment later on in the day and can't stay to watch the game. However, you're still able to swing by and pick up the kids after practice.

You should make all of this clear with the other moms up front. Make it clear that you're agreeing to do the driving, but not to be responsible for the kids while they're on the field.

Clear communication about what you're agreeing to do and what you're not agreeing to do will go a long way towards making sure everyone's happy.

==> How Do You Handle Last-Minute Changes?

Have a set of contingencies just in case plans fall through.

It helps to have at least one backup driver or chaperone for any event. For instance, if there's soccer practice and four kids, if something comes up you should be able to contact one of the other moms to resume your responsibilities.

If you're late, text or call so other moms know where you're at. If plans change, let others know as soon as possible.

==> Have Clear Emergency Instructions

Anyone who you're sharing responsibilities with should have clear emergency instructions.

First, you should have emergency contacts. You should have each child's doctor's name, address and phone number. They should have your child's as well.

In addition, you should share contact information for your dentists. If a child's tooth gets knocked out or chipped during a game, getting him quickly to his dentist will allow him to preserve his teeth.

Know which parent(s) will be available for each child and how to get in touch with them should an emergency come up.

==> Learn to Say No

Finally, learn how to say "no" to requests you can't handle. It can be very tempting to say yes to things when other people ask you for favors. Unfortunately, this can add up to a lot of stress.

Before agreeing to drive and be responsible for five kids, make sure that it's something you really have the time and energy to do. If not, learn to say "no" or "not today" in a graceful way. If you do it kindly, while explaining why, other moms will understand.

Communication Tips for Sharing Soccer Mom Responsibilities



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