5 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Fans

Facebook is a social network platform for conversation. On your Facebook Page are you talking to your followers or chatting with them? A good indicator is the number of fans you have. If you want more fans than you have, then it’s time to make some changes. To get the most out of your page you need to understand your ‘social space.’ On Facebook there needs to be a lot of conversing back and forth to share information. This includes photos, links, videos and posts. Here are 5 fail proof tips to make sure you get it right.

1. Don’t Promote, Share – Your Facebook Page doesn’t exist just to market your products/services. If that’s all you do with it, your followers will lose interest quickly. Use your Page to get people interested that would make use of your products/services.
2. Make Sure You Are Relevant – Think about your posts, keeping in mind the season, what topics are hot, what’s in the news, etc. Share links that your fans would be interested in and that they would want to share with their friends.
3. Make Sure Your Posts Are Interesting – Posts don’t have to be news to be interesting. Your fans aren’t going to be interested in news unless it’s relevant, but they might be interested in learning about a new product that’s coming to market that’s relevant. For example, let’s say that you run a medical page, and there’s a new cancer treatment that has shown promising results. Sharing this information with your fans would be wise as it is interesting, engaging, and relevant.
4. Posting About the Competition is Okay, Sometimes – Let’s say a new study is released that’s so interesting you know that it will attract attention. It might be better if you could find your own expert to give their opinion but that’s not always possible. In these cases it’s okay if you share information from a reputable source even when it’s your competition. A common mistake is to want to avoid anything to do with the competition, but ironically your competition can sometimes benefit you rather than hinder you.
5. Keep Your Fans Talking – Never underestimate the power of your words. ‘What’s your opinion?’ When you post links from experts, especially ‘hot topics’ or controversial topics, ask your audience for their opinion, their feedback. Your goal is to generate conversation with your fans and to bring new fans on board.

These 5 tips are a great start to growing your Facebook fans. What are you waiting for?

5 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Fans



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