5 Tips to Create Facebook Posts That Are Engaging

If you want to grow your fan base and increase your likes, you are going to need to have posts to your page that are interesting and keep your visitors wanting to return. Here are 5 tips to create Facebook posts that are engaging.

#1 Use Copy, Images and Videos That Are Engaging
  • Photos and videos that are media rich will get attention and they will help your message be more noticeable on a News feed.
  • Lifestyle and inspirational images are always engaging. Smart Page owners are quick to take advantage of these images, because they understand they do not have to be relevant to the product/service you offer to be relevant to your fans. These fans will then share these posts with their friends and that provides you with more reach and another opportunity to grow your ‘Likes.’
  • Share images/photos of your products with your customers enjoying them.
  • The best posts are between 100 and 250 characters – short and to the point gets the most attention.
#2 Share and Promote Discounts and Promotions That are Exclusive
  • Offer your visitors a really good perk or deal to keep them interested. You can increase your sales and increase your followers with this technique.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free seems to be a very popular promotion and so is when you are giving things away for free.
  • To increase your visitors’ engagement, make sure that you have a clear call to action.
#3 Suitability and Timeliness
  • When your posts are related to what they are thinking about at the time, such as holidays or a current sporting event, your audience is much more likely to engage
  • Timeliness in replying to any posts that have a comment on them is also important. The faster you are to replying to your fans the more likely that they will continue to engage you.
#4 Drive Traffic to Your Website With Links
Link posts have an area that’s larger now and it helps people to find your website, thereby increasing your traffic.
Use link posts to drive people to your website
Link posts now have a larger, clickable area that helps drive people to your website. Take the title, image and description, which comes from the URL, and customize it.

Put these 4 tips into play and watch your fans grow.

5 Tips to Create Facebook Posts That Are Engaging



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