How to Make Your Tumblr Posts Go Viral and Increase Traffic

Tumblr, which is a micro blogging site, could be one of the most under used social networking tools available to business. With more than 130.5 million tumblogs and over 300 million unique visitors every month, it has 156 percent of the total internet user market. Its largest interest group is females under the age of 25. It is time that you put this tool to use and start blogging at a whole new level, and we are also going to help you learn how to make your Tumblr posts go viral. Are you ready?

How to Go Viral With Your Tumblr Posts

Tumblr is a great medium for you to use for social marketing because with it you have the potential to outsell your product online and you can do this using the best marketing practices. Your goal, like with all social networking, is to increase the number of followers that are sharing, liking, reposting, etc. These tips can help you take your posts viral.

1. First, you need to follow more people – it’s really that simple. That’s where it starts. When you follow others, they learn about you and most times they will follow you back. You can see why this is so important for you to grow your followers.
2. Make sure you take the time to comment on other interesting posts and to also like them. Try to be first and then the publisher is likely to do exactly the same for you. It’s a win-win!
3. You are going to promote your products but in addition to those promotions you should make sure you are making other interesting posts and share lots of interesting and fascinating pictures such as Memes and Gifs.
4. Make sure that you make use of Hashtags. We cannot stress enough, just how important it is for you to use hashtags because this is how you will bring users to your posts. Tumblr has a vast content base that is very interesting and it astutely classifies all tags for greater content delivery, which is something Facebook does not do.
5. Make sure that you post interesting content in all areas - animated illustrations, cartoons, quotes, photos, etc. Remember that for your content to go viral it needs to resonate at such a level that it literally spreads like wild fire. You cannot make your content go viral yourself, but those that view it and share it can.

How to Make Your Tumblr Posts Go Viral and Increase Traffic



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