How to Grow Your Tumblr Followers and Traffic

Teens and young adults actually prefer Tumblr over Facebook and they are also the most willing to share information they like. Now’s a great time to take advantage of who your market is and learn how to increase your followers and traffic.  Let’s look at how you can do this.

#1 Make Sure That You Post Images That Will Capture the Attention of Your Audience
It didn’t take long for Tumblr to become the hub for where you will find the craziest, most wild images – you know those images that simply fascinate you. Putting images on your Tumblr will give your site more character, but it will also attack those users who are looking for the latest, most fascinating and crazy images. Texting will catch the attention of a few, but if you want to get shares on Tumblr you need to be posting images and that’s going to grow your traffic and your followers.

#2 Make Sure You Focus on One Subject
The most talked about Tumblr blogs are those that are focused on one subject. Add a sense of humor and you have the makings for a win! Single subject Tumblrs do a better job of making a serious statement and often that statement is a social statement. The possibilities are endless for getting yourself noticed in this manner. With that notoriety comes more followers and a growing traffic flow.

#3 Continuosly Post
It is important that you continuously post if you want to keep a consistent and growing fan base. Post every day, more than once a day. Tag your posts with as many relevant phrases as you can, because this is how you will get more people to check your Tumblr out. If you don’t take advantage of tags your Tumblr isn’t going to get noticed.

#4 Choose the Right Theme for Your Tumblr
With Tumblr visual images are very important and that is also why it is so very important that you take the time to find the right theme for your Tumblr. You might be surprised to learn that the right Tumblr theme can be the difference between 100 followers and 1000 followers. There are tons of themes to choose from on Tumblr depending on your taste. If you do not want your Tumblr to look like other people’s Tumblr then you’ll need to either design your own theme or pay someone else to create you a custom theme. It’s worth the money.

Tumblr is a tool that is fast catching on but still remains one of the best kept secrets in the social media arena.

How to Grow Your Tumblr Followers and Traffic



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