How to Use Adsense on Tumblr

Whether you already have your Tumblr blog setup or you are planning to start using a Tumblr blog to make some money, you should consider using Adsense. This third party site allows ads to be posted on your Tumblr blog and this can generate revenue for you. Here’s how to use Adsenses on Tumblr.

Step #1 Create an account using the email and password that your Google account uses. You will need to make sure that all fields have your real information if you want to make money through Adsense.

Step #2 Once you have signed up, your application is reviewed by Adsnes to ensure your application is legitimate. You will receive an email in about a week telling you the status of your application. You can learn more about Adsense at the ‘Newbie Central.’

Step #3 After you get your ad code, copy it and then log into your Tumblr account. Click on your blog title at the top of the page. Now don’t forget you can actually customize your ad or leave it just as it is – Adsense will throw at you kind of a standard ad, but you can change the colors, fonts, links, etc. so that it works best for you. But remember to read the rules about making Adsense ads blend so you don’t get into trouble with Google.

Step #4 Next you should select ‘Customized theme,’ which you can find on the right side of the page.

Step #5 Click on the ‘Edit HTML’ button found on the left side of the customization page. Here is where you will paste in the Adsense code wherever it is you want it to be displayed.

Step #6 Click on the ‘Save’ button at the top. Now you are officially an Adsense user—sit back and begin to enjoy the magic.

That’s it – six simple steps to get you started using Adsense. Now remember these ads are going to appear and when they do if a visitor clicks on them you are going to make money. This is yet another way that you can generate revenue on your Tumblr blog. Adsense is a popular source of revenue for many online businesses and marketers, and it’s full value is often overlooked.

Tumblr really simplifies the process of making money with Adsense and that’s exciting. If you have not yet worked with Adsense, a good place to start is with reading about how it works, what’s acceptable, what’s not, and how to make the most of Adsense both on Tumblr and using other venues.

How to Use Adsense on Tumblr



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