Forget Traditional Marketing and Make Money on Tumblr

The New York City based BustedTees is a T-shirt company that began business in 2004. It makes use of Tumblr to post new T-shirt designs and deals they are running. This is a division of CollegeHumor.com that also started in 2004 with just six people on staff. They have made use of Tumblr since it first came online. Their production manager, Amanda Ferri, was quick to recognize this was a great way to get information to their fans.

Today, more than 1000 people follow BustedTees, which is like an extension of the newsletter they distribute to more than a half million people. The company has a website where their customers are able to place their orders. The Tumblr opportunity allows them to reach out to a market share they might otherwise miss out on.

So what can you take away from his example? It’s really quite simple – if you want to be a success, you need to think outside the box and take advantage of every social networking tool that can play a positive role in expanding your reach and your revenue.

Use Tumblr to engage your customers on a regular basis. The more often you engage people, the more they will come to trust you and you will actually build a relationship with them. This is what can translate into the possibility of a sale. It’s best if you can post at least once a day, but it should never be less than three times a week. Attracting the attention of your existing customers takes far less cost and effort than attracting new customers – keep that in mind.

BustedTees retail directors, Mikhail Ledvich says that a really good blog of theirs will be reposted as much as 60 times, which is a great way to get their products out in front of new people using a source that’s trusted. They use their blog to give their visitors a sneak peak at what’s going on behind the scenes at BustedTees, instead of looking at it from a direct sales channel.

So, take that information and think about how you could do the same thing with your own business. It’s time to stop depending on traditional marketing and start thinking outside the box. Tumblr offers you an easy and effective way to market your products/services and generate an income stream. There’s no cost for using the product, it takes very little time to post and overall it’s certainly a win-win. Why not try it today?

Forget Traditional Marketing and Make Money on Tumblr



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