How to Build Tumblr Traffic

Far too often Tumblr is overlooked not only as a blogging platform but also as a social medial outlet, yet ironically, it has the ability to take your blogging to an entirely new level. Tumblr combines a blogging platform and a social network site into one allowing you to share videos, photos, music, links, text and more.
How to Maximize Your Tumblr Traffic
1. Follow the bigger companies/guys and they’ll often follow you back and even promote your blog.
2. Organize your tags in such a way that it helps potential viewers be able to easily find your blog post.
3. Include a Tumblr entry option on all of your Tumblr blog giveaways.
4. Choose your photo and name smartly because they will be the first thing that anyone sees.

Ways to Use Tumblr
1. Repackage your content – you can use photos and excerpts from existing posts and link back to your blog.
2. Expand on your original blog – explore and expand on topics you have already touched on but make sure that you include more images, inspirational notes and discussion.
3. Reblog your content – Post and reblog content between different Tumblr members. After all, this is really what it is all about. Being consistent using quality posting and reblogging will increases your interaction with others and your overall exposure, along with growing your traffic flow.
4. Set up your RSS feed(s) from other blogs. You can include bookmarks from Delicious, StumbleUpons, Digg or import Flickr or YouTube.

Tumblr provides you with the opportunity to quickly and easily connect with followers and other Tumblr users. It provides you the ability to connect to other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter simply by installing the appropriate plugins. Make sure that you take full advantage of tags as this is how users are going to find your posts. If you neglect this important step it will have a negative impact on your traffic flow and readers.

Tumblr has an incredible amount of potential to grow your brand and awareness around your business, but it is important that you post regularly, at least once a day and even more often is better. You can even schedule your posts in advance – this is a very cool Tumblr feature. Make sure that your posts are interesting and if you want the greatest impact on the number of viewers and increasing your traffic flow use images! It’s one of the most important thing you can do!

How to Build Tumblr Traffic



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