Choosing the Wrong Products

Choosing what you think is a hot item instead of choosing what interests you is, in effect, choosing the wrong product for affiliate marketing. Take a look at any super affiliate and I guarantee you will see one common thread. They are actually interested in what they are selling. Pick products and services that appeal to you. Then, do some research and find out if they are in demand. If they are, find a suitable affiliate program and join it.

Affiliate marketing is all about trust. You need to really believe in the product or service that you are selling and you, also, need to check it out before you market it. I you are going to put your recommendation on something it better be worth every single penny the owner of the product/service is asking. If not, then you have let down the people you have referred to the site. Buy the product or service before you sign up as an affiliate and see if in fact it delivers what is promised. Investigate the owner of the site, ask questions, and be nosy. After all you are going to be bringing them business. They should be able to answer all your questions.

Don’t choose products that pay ridiculously low commissions. Many affiliate programs offer peanuts when it comes to commissions. 1-2% is nothing more than an insult. You will work the same amount of time and put in the same amount of effort to sell 100 products at 2% commission as you would to sell 100 products at 30% commission. Why short change yourself?

Without a doubt affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most powerful and affordable ways to earn a very healthy living online but you won’t earn that good living unless you have a product that you believe in, one that you know a lot about and one that pays a decent commission on sales.

Choosing the Wrong Products



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