Unable to Identify a Demand

There is always a demand for goods and services of every kind. You may not be able to identify how large or small the demand is but there is always SOME demand. Demand is the quantity demanded of a good or service that consumers plan to buy in a given period of time. Demands are different from wants. Wants are the unlimited desires or wishes that people have from goods or services. How many times have you thought that you would like something if only you could afford it or if it weren't so expensive? Scarcity guarantees that many - perhaps most - of our wants will never be satisfied. Demand reflects a decision about which wants to satisfy. If you demand something, then you've made a plan to buy it. The quantity demanded is measured as an amount per unit of time. For example, suppose a person consumes one cup of coffee a day. The quantity of coffee demanded by that person can be expressed as one cup per day or seven cups per week or 365 cups per year. Without a time dimension we cannot tell whether a particular quantity demanded is large or small.

A smaller but prolonged demand for a good or service may be preferable to a large and immediate demand because it will be sustained rather than here today and gone tomorrow.

When you are searching for goods and services for your affiliate marketing business, it is better to look for prolonged demand rather that immediate demand. Looking at raw demand numbers can be deceiving. Profit is based on more than just demand. Profit is determined by how much commission you are making on each sale. A $50 commission on 100 items is as much as a $1 commission on 5000 items. So, you see, demand isn’t everything.

Unable to Identify a Demand



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