Art of Paid Advertising

To make bushels of money all that really matters is marketing. It’s a proven fact that you don't need a better product or a lower price to make more money than your competition. The truth is that you can literally make millions selling mediocre products - if you know how to market them effectively. Of course, you should always strive to deliver quality products and great value to your customers - but the point is that marketing is all that really matters. It's what you need to be spending 90% or more of your time doing if you have any hopes of developing a profitable online business. Doing paperwork, building web sites, answering email, and processing orders doesn't help grow your business - only advertising does.
There are really just two kinds of advertising - that which you pay for and that which you get for free. And both should have their place in your overall marketing strategy.
Effective "free advertising" strategies do exist, however, the bottom line is that there are only 24 hours in a day and there's only so much you can do during that time. Free advertising strategies can be effective, but normally, anything that's free is going to cost you time.
Getting the most out of paid for advertising and getting it without a lot of investment of time is the object. If you could spend $1,000 a day on advertising to make $1,500 a day in profits -- without spending hours doing it -- why wouldn't you just do that? It's not hard at all. Consider Google adwords for example, where you can buy click-through ads for as little as 1-25 cents. That fits the formula quite nicely. Google alone won't send you enough traffic to make you rich, but it's a good example of effectively promoting your site without spending much time doing it. There are lots of others.

Art of Paid Advertising



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