8 Digital Camera Brands You Should Know About

Buying a digital camera can be a lot of fun, after all the choices are endless. However, it can also be a bit daunting. By knowing what camera brands are available will help you when you are shopping. Let’s look at 8 popular digital camera brands.

#1 Canon
This is a brand that’s loved by many. Canon was making cameras back in the film ear. Today they make point and click as well as DSLR cameras. Canon manufactures a number of lenses including the 3L series lenses. They are considered the best in still photography with Sony in the running.

#2 Nikon
The majority of professional photographers use Nikon who makes a top notch line of cameras that are user friendly. Nikon definitely gets a thumbs up. Nikon isn’t interested in making cameras for teenagers or the disposable market. They make a product that’s of the finest quality and meant to last, and that’s why those who use their product enjoy their experience. In fact, no other brand can meet Nikon when it comes to SLR cameras.

#3 Sony
Sony was one of the first on the scene for digital cameras and today remains a viable competitor. They remain a contender with the DSLR line; however, they have been focusing a great deal on their point and shoot market too. Many see this as a wise business decision, hooking the teenagers into their products should turn them into adult buyers.

#4 Pentax
When it comes to price, quality and experience there is no company that can touch Pentax. Canon and Nikon will cost you hundreds of dollars more than the same camera from Pentax, so it definitely pays to compare. Pentax is known for building a reliable camera. They also have earned recognition for not using deceptive marketing tricks. Pentax is backwards compatible with many different lenses so that offers you an opportunity to use lenses you already have. And their waterproof Optio point and shoot deserves mentioning.

#5 Olympus
Many consumers like what they see in the Olympus, which is often overlooked as a result of not getting the exposure that some of the others do. This is a camera that offers a well made product with plenty of features for a reasonable price, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

#6 Samsung
Samsung offers an affordable middle of the road digital camera that’s stylish and easy to use. It has the most experience at this price point offering the highest technical features for the least amount of money. It also has a convenient easy to use photo transfer system.

#7 Panasonic
This reliable and easy to use camera takes great pictures and their 3D mode is definitely worth mentioning. Many agree that this camera is definitely good value for the money. Make sure to check it out when you are trying to decide on the best buy for you.

#8 Casio
This is a camera that often gets overlooked. Don’t let its small size fool you because it does a great job.

When shopping for a digital camera reviewing these 8 picks is a great place to start.

8 Digital Camera Brands You Should Know About



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