Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Camera?

Having an inexpensive point and shoot doesn’t mean you can’t take amazing photos. There are a number of things you can do to take your point and shoot to the next level – let’s have a look.

Even though we hear a lot about DSLR cameras, the majority of people don’t own one unless they are a professional photographer. They are bulky, heavy, expensive and inconvenient. On the other hand, a point and shoot is light, compact, affordable and convenient. So if you are one of the many that owns a point and shoot it’s time you started getting the most out of it.

Start by reading your manual. Not only does it tell you all about the features of your camera and how to use them. You will also find tips and tricks on making the most of your camera. It might seem somewhat monotonous but it’s worth your time.

Next, it is time to become familiar with your menus. Once you have read about your features in your manual, you need to start to play and experiment with those menu features. It’s better to know how to get what you want in advance rather than fumbling when you most need to capture that special moment.

In fact, take some time to play with your camera and take photos when it is not important that you get a good photo. Try out every setting on your camera and all the various scenarios such as sunny days or low light situations.

It’s important to take some time to work on your techniques. One of the first things you can learn is to not snipe your subjects. In other words, stop framing the people who are in your image as if you are a trophy hunter looking to add another prize catch. These photos are boring and uninspiring. Try something different. Experiment and learn what works and what doesn’t.

While you are at it take some time to play with the Rule of Thirds. Every photo you are going to take should be thought of as being in a nine square grid. Then start to avoid putting things right square in the center. To improve your skills look at photos in magazines and look at print ads to see how the Rule of Thirds is being applied. In addition to the Rule of Thirds, avoid taking photos in conventional ways that have become boring. Try playing with angles and don’t be afraid to shoot from above, below or… well just about anywhere.

Getting the most out of your digital camera starts with getting the most out of your picture taking abilities. Why not get busy today.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Camera?



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