Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition

As you enter into your second trimester, your nutrition needs are going to change a bit. By now you’ve likely gotten any sugar and caffeine addictions under control. By now morning sickness should be easing. However, now you’ll face new challenges. Let’s look at the main ones you’ll face in your second trimester of pregnancy.

#1 How to Deal With Your Cravings
By now it’s likely your morning sickness has passed and you find yourself dealing with your cravings during the second trimester. Some experts believe that these cravings are symptomatic of a nutritional deficiency. For example, if you crave oranges you need to increase your Vitamin C. Then again, other experts believe that cravings have no underlying meaning and they are just that – cravings. You should talk to your OB/GYN to see if he/she thinks you should make changes to your diet.

#2 Get Adequate Protein
During the second trimester of your pregnancy, your baby’s cognitive development is taking place quickly. To encourage this development you need to provide the necessary amino acids and the way to do this is to increase your protein intake. Nuts, nut butter, organic eggs, organic meats, and grass fed beef are all good protein sources. Seafood is also an excellent source of protein but stay away from any fish that has the potential for high mercury and do not have more than two servings per week.

#3 Dealing With Weight GainTypically, it is during this trimester that women tend to gain the most weight. That’s because baby is growing very rapidly. 20 to 30 pounds is considered a healthy weight gain by most doctors. You should expect to gain around a third of that during your second trimester. You do need to be careful that you are not gaining weigh too quickly and here are some ways to do that.
* Limit your sugar intake
* Remain active throughout your pregnancy
* Cut back your refined carbs
* Cut back your grain consumption
* Drink plenty of water every day all day long
* Snack on fruits and vegetables and leave the refined carbs alone

Weight gain is expected during a healthy pregnancy, but too much weight gain is not healthy and can make delivery harder. It can also be very difficult to lose. Just a few common sense changes to the way you eat can make it easy to get the best nutrition in your second trimester.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition



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