Where To Get PLR Product

PLR content has been very popular among Internet marketers for some time now because of many reasons and as a result many websites have come up offering some variation of PLR. Websites such as www.unstoppableplr.com specialize in producing quality content which can then be sold to third party marketers to be used for their own ends. These sites may have different rules about what you can do with the content but generally as the buyer, you can do the following with PLR content:
  • Use it 'as is'
  • Rewrite it
  • Sell it
  • Give it away
  • Attach your name to it

PLR sites may also offer content on different areas of interest such as niche health articles, which may include health sites and sites that offer related content. These articles are based on health issues and they attract people looking to purchase PLR content on the same.

Most of these websites are able to provide articles by the dozens every day which means customers can choose from a variety of articles. When setting up a passive cash flow system, one would only need to access one of these sites and post regular articles on their site using a script that involves an automated system.

All you'd have to do is import the articles and leave the script to it. These websites are fairly popular in the PLR category:

UnstoppablePLR.com - Created by Aurelius Tjin. You'll find dozens of PLR products for resell.

Article Underground- this website offers hundreds of articles every month so members never have to worry about creating content. By using a website such as this one you would be able to set up a good passive cash flow system,

Niche Health Articles is another website providing a great deal of PLR content. When you need health books and articles covering specific health related advice, then you can get hundreds of articles from the website.

Nicheology is another website offering PLR content and in particular eBooks. It's also one of the first sites to offer PLR eBooks and they are a membership website which offers good quality content. It should be noted that most of these PLR sites offer more than more than eBooks and articles in their subscription so that makes them a great resource for all forms of PLR.

There are a bunch of online reviews listing reliable sources of quality PLR content so next time you want to purchase an eBook or software for your own purposes, you may need to check out a few sites.

Where To Get PLR Product



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