Vegetarian Magazine

If you are a vegetarian or even thinking about becoming a vegetarian, you can benefit greatly from a magazine subscription to a magazine that is dedicated to the vegetarian lifestyle.  Some people are interested in body building, others in writing, and still others in boating.  No matter what your area of interest is, there is going to be a magazine out there that will meet your needs and help you along the way as you pursue your passion.  That means that vegetarians have magazines too that will provide support, recipes, and advice for this alternative lifestyle.

One of the most popular vegetarian magazines is called “Vegetarian Times”.  This great magazine gives anyone who is interested in the vegetarian lifestyle or even thinking about becoming a vegetarian the advice and help that they need to make the switch as well as stick with their decision.  “Vegetarian Times” gives hundreds of great recipes in each issue as well as ways that vegetarians can help the environment, deal with adverse reactions to their lifestyle, and much, much more.  “Vegetarian Times” offers two free issues to people interested in their magazine.  After that a year’s subscription runs just $14.95 for nine issues.

The Vegetarian Society also publishes a magazine that provides tips about the vegetarian lifestyle that can help immensely with both the experienced as well as the new vegetarian.  Their magazine also offers up a lot of advice about the vegetarian lifestyle and can also be found online.  You will find that this vegetarian magazine is a great way to get some support as well as recipes that will help you stick to your lifestyle change.

Veg News is a magazine found at www.vegnews.com  Like many vegetarians, the people at Veg News are concerned about the environment and the living things around us.  That played a big part in making the decision to make their vegetarian magazine using a 75% post-consumer, recycled paper.  They have many great areas that have advice, recipes, articles, and much more on the vegetarian lifestyle that can help both newbies as well as experienced vegetarians live the life they have chosen. A year’s subscription is $20.

Of course, there are many other vegetarian magazines on the market that you can look into.  Just do a little bit of looking and you will find that there are a lot of places that you can get information about your vegetarian lifestyle in a magazine format.  What could be better?



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