Setting Up A Landing Page For CPA Offers

Your landing page will make or break your affiliate marketing efforts. There's an idea among new Internet marketers that the only thing that they must do is drive traffic and the shear numbers will make them money. I think they are both right and wrong. They are right that they will make money but they will not make as much as they could earn. I hope that you want to earn as much money as you can. Another truth is that you are probably not at the stage where you can easily draw a thousand people to your site per day, even if you could do that, you still need a topnotch landing page to convert your traffic into money.

Show Me The Money

What makes a person buy versus simply look and leave your website? This is a question that you must ask. Matter of fact, as an Internet marketer you must always ask yourself question from the perspective of a buyer and not just a marketer. We are in the business of people not in the business of traffic or leads. If you want to know where the money is, it is in engaging people. It is in building rapport and trust with them. It is in becoming an authority in the business. It might not seem like it but all of this ties into building a landing page for CPA offers. Your landing page must engage people, it must show that you are an authority and it must create trust with your audience. If it doesn't do these things, then you will never earn as much money as you could make. Do you want a little money or a lot of money? Do you want to earn more conversions with any amount of traffic, even small traffic? Focus on people.

The Elements of A Great Landing Page

Your landing page is the last thing they see before they decide to do business with you or not. Your landing page must be simple, classy, straight to the point, engaging and entertaining all at once. I believe in a proof of concept type of landing page with a lot of psychological triggers. I'm always trying to get into the mind of my audience so that I can make them see the value in what I have to offer. It might seem like this is all complicated but it is not. You do not have to be overly wordy.

More Elements of A Topnotch Landing Page

Blast into their psyche with awesome visuals and archetypal words and images. Know why they need and better yet want what you have to offer. Touch them on a level that is beyond the utilitarian value of your product. Get into their soul! This is high level marketing and beyond what most people do, never be like everyone else! In our business, Internet marketing, only around 10% of the marketers make all the money. You do not want to follow the herd but you want to go past them,far past them, to the big time.

The Mechanics of A Landing Page 

Up to this point we have given you the mental and psychological side of a landing page. I believe that those are actually the most important concepts to get because you can easily make a landing page within a short amount of time. It is for the newbies and those who aren't making any money that I go into the pure mechanical basics of building a landing page.

A landing page is simply a web page that is designed to greet and capture a visitor with the intention of turning them into a customer. It is where you send them when they click your affiliate link. To make one, you only need to know simply HTML or better yet you can use a Wordpress landing page theme. In my opinion, the best way to go is to get one customized. You can find plenty of people on the Internet who will create you a landing page that will not cost a lot of money. Keep in mind that you need to put some time into creating a landing page that is engaging and that grabs your viewers intention. You need to quickly SHOW them why your product is good for them. So do not just tell them but show them. I am big on using visuals and videos that clearly explain the product.

Test And Test Again

All good marketers know that it is smart to test different types of landing pages. You probably already have several differently landing page ideas and you should test them and pick the one that is best. One landing page might be good for one traffic source or demographic and another landing page might be good for another set.

Put this information to good use and you will make more money than you currently do.

Setting Up A Landing Page For CPA Offers



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