Grow Your Facebook Likes With These 5 Tips

Facebook is a place where conversations take place. On your Facebook Page do you chat with your fans or do you talk at them? The number of fans you have is a pretty good reference to how you deal with your fans. The more you chat with your fans the higher your number of fans will be. Make the most of your social space by understanding it and you will see your Facebook Page ‘Likes’ continue to grow. Here are 5 tips to help you grow your Facebook Likes.

1. Talk Back to Your Fans – You post a comment, then a fan comments on the post, and you need to reply to that comment. Ideally, what you want to achieve is conversation that goes back and forth between you and your fan(s). The more fans that participate the better. By allowing your fans to feel a conversation is taking place they are more likely to participate. If you post and a fan comments and you don’t reply the conversation dies off and the reach dies with it.
2. Make Sure There are plenty of Photos and Videos Posted – People prefer photos over texts. Make your Facebook Page visually appealing using graphics, photos and videos. This will draw the interest of your fans and they are much more likely to share photos, graphics and videos than text, which in turn extends your reach.
3. Choose the Best Timeline Photo – The latest Facebook format – the Timeline page is either hated or loved. It requires that you post a prominent horizontal image along with a smaller detailed shot that is inset. This is a good place for your logo. Make sure your photos are friendly and cheerful. It’s great if they interact or connect with your fans.
4. Take Advantage of the Social Tabs – It’s a good idea to cross promote any other social media pages you have. You can add tabs for Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
5. Post Regularly – Your Facebook posts are time and date stamped. Your posts are grouped monthly so your fans can easily scroll down your page and they can also see how often you post every month. So if you only post 7 times over the weekend and then not again until the next weekend your fans are going to lose interest and new potential fans aren’t going to be too excited about liking your page. It is very important that you post regularly to generate interest.

Grow Your Facebook Likes With These 5 Tips



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