Budget Friendly Tips for Extended Stays with Your Kids

Have you planned a long getaway with the family? What will you do during that time? You’ve saved money on getting there but there is still the task of fleshing out the trip with things to do. Here are some budget friendly ideas to satisfy both you and your kids.

Kids are easily bored. They also have a short attention span. You’ve solved the problem of keeping them occupied during the journey, but what about after you reach the destination? Each day doesn’t have to be filled with scheduled events, but there does need to be something to peak their interests. If not, they may declare the entire vacation a failure.

This is one of the hidden costs of a vacation. Entertaining your family at the destination can cost you much more if you are not visiting a theme park. But, we have some tips that might help.

Enjoying Your Vacation

* Visit a popular destination for travelers – If many people visit, there are more likely to be deals offered to help cut down on costs. Consider Disneyland for a moment. Planning the vacation on your own will cost thousands of dollars. Instead, look into packages that include admission to various parks. Your kids can visit a different park each day without you having to spend extra money on additional entertainment.

* Check with the local Chamber of Commerce – Visit the official website for your travel destination. They can highlight popular tourist spots in the area. Also, they might offer discounts for families on local attractions. Free entertainment is also mentioned as well as low-cost places for meals. Use these ideas to plan your daily itinerary.

* Find out about local community events. Local parks, libraries and museums may have special events planned during weekends. Take part in the ones that occur during your trip. Most are free, or admission is offered at a discount due to the celebration.

* Visit family – Is there family living near your vacation destination? It may be worth the trip if you choose a vacation spot within driving distance of relatives. Spend one day visiting them. The kids can run around and play. You can eat with family for free (if they are accommodating). They can show you their city in style and further cut down on expenses and boredom.

* Visit nature – Larger local parks offer a variety of things for families to do that are affordable. Don’t forget your swim trunks, noodles, floaties and hiking boots. Explore the nature trails; take a dip in the pool; take a walk on the beach; spend time on the playground or in the paddle boats. While you are there, set up a picnic for the family to enjoy afterwards.

Entertaining the family can be a big task on vacation. Offer them a choice of activities.

Budget Friendly Tips for Extended Stays with Your Kids



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