Best Airlines for Traveling with Children

Traveling with children isn’t always a smooth ride. There are many more things to consider than when you are traveling with adults only. Before you book your next vacation by air, learn which airlines are friendlier to children and can provide you with the safety and comfort you want.

All of those people sitting so close together in successive rows are enough to make anyone skeptical about flying. Even though it’s safer than driving, throwing children into the mix can make for an interesting experience. But, you don’t have to fret over a potentially cranky child or annoyed fellow passengers.

The Best Airlines to Choose From

Here are some of the best airlines to choose from when you are planning to travel with your children. Whether you are planning domestic or international travel, some airlines are more accommodating to children.

It’s important to know that most airlines don’t offer discounts for children over the age of 2. What you will want to look for in an airline is amenities as well as the demeanor of the in-flight staff. Book seats together so that you don’t have to worry about being interspersed with other passengers.

* United Airlines – If you have a child under the age of 2, they can fly for free if they sit on your lap. United offers more space in economy class as well as seat back entertainment that includes children’s movies and video games to keep them entertained.

* JetBlue – JetBlue is a discount carrier. For parents with small children, especially toddlers, there is more room to move around in the seats as well as seat back entertainment so each child can watch a movie or play a game if they wish. The staff is also quite pleasant and accommodating to families with children.

* British Airways – If you plan on traveling internationally, try to book a flight on an international carrier. Meals are served for children, which is not the case on most domestic carriers. Parents also have the option of blocking inappropriate channels with seat back entertainment. Activity packs are available for toddlers and older children to keep them occupied during long flights. Check for ticket discounts for toddlers and policies regarding booster seats.

Other Things to Know

Many airlines don’t offer advance boarding for families. To avoid walking through rows of people bumping and clanging, book early and choose a row closer to the front where you can sit together.

Bring snacks on board for your children. Many airplanes don’t cater to children when it comes to meals, so you can bring nutritious items for them to eat if they get hungry.

Don’t envision traveling with your children as a nightmare waiting to happen. Choose an airline that will make the job easier.

Best Airlines for Traveling with Children



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