Basic Keyword Strategies for Your Online Marketing Video

When it comes to keyword strategies, there is all kinds of information available online. But let’s look at some of the basic keyword strategies you’ll want to use with your online marketing videos to get the most out of them.

* Use the text pages on your website as a map for Google. This will assist the search engines in figuring out what each of your videos is about. You should embed your videos into your text pages on your website that are relevant to the videos you have posted.
* To optimize your YouTube videos, you need to make certain to keywords in your video tags, descriptions and titles.
* You should target specific keyword phrases not just words. For example, rather than using ‘cakes’ as your keyword for your organic bakery, use ‘cake with organic icing’ for a higher chance of you showing up on the top of the search engine results.
* Think carefully about what keywords would be best for your marketing video. Take advantage of the numerous keyword tools that are available. Many of them are free. Choosing good keywords is very important to your search engine placement.
* Consider using keywords that are not as popular or that are misspelled. This can help increase your placement in the search engines and move you up the search engines. Of course, these should not be some obscure word that’s only looked up once in awhile, as this will not be of any benefit. However, words like centre and center both are commonly looked up

Many online marketing video beginners overlook the importance of keywords not fully understanding that their title, short description, and tags are what are going to place them in the search engines and what are going to helps potential viewers find their video.

They become so focused on creating a good video they forget about the importance of keywords. Then they become frustrated and disappointed when they do not get the results they were hoping for. Don’t let this be you. We’ve given you some basics on keywords. Many of you will have used keywords in your SEO work in articles and website content so you will be familiar with their role and their purpose. If you are completely new to keywords, this gives you a good start and there is plenty of information available online so you can learn more about keywords.

Make your online marketing videos the success they should be by incorporating powerful keyword techniques.

Basic Keyword Strategies for Your Online Marketing Video



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