Avoid Humid And Cold Places When You Suffer From Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis is probably one of the worst conditions which can affect your skin as it provokes deep cracks in the skin, provoking sores which may eventually start to bleed. There are cases in which the patient finds it hard to perform its normal activities like eating or speaking. Because this condition develops quite fast and it can become rather severe in a short period of time it is necessary to start a treatment right from the first signs. Yet, in order for the treatment to be highly effective, you have to stay away from the factors which have caused this condition or from those which may further aggravate it.

Among those factors which can make this condition worse we should name the bad dietary habits which should be replaced with proper nutrition and also some vitamin supplements; the existence of folds around the mouth, which favors the accumulation of moisture (most often are caused by bad dentition or dentures that do not fit well) and an improper oral hygiene.

It is also important to avoid cold places when you suffer from Angular Cheilitis. This is mainly because the cold weather increases the sensation of chapped lips. People’s tendency when having chapped lips is to lick them to alleviate the pain and moisturize them. However, this is a false sensation as the more you lick your lips the more damage you cause them. The saliva is not a good moisturizer and when it evaporates it further dries your skin, aggravating your condition. In addition to that the saliva contains bacteria so you grow the number of bacteria from the area affected by Angular Cheilitis each time you lick your lips.

Humid places should also be avoided, as in these places the bacteria develop much faster, thus the risk of infections is even bigger. Instead you should stay in dry places and moisturize the skin using lip balms, ointments and creams which will trap the bacteria in between, thus killing them.

If you want to treat Angular Cheilitis faster, then you should stay away from humid places and cold ones. If this means that you will spend most of your time indoors, then you should do so. Exposing yourself to such harsh environments will only make the condition worse and your nightmare even longer and probably more painful!

Avoid Humid And Cold Places When You Suffer From Angular Cheilitis



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