10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Likes

If you are hoping to increase your Facebook ‘Like’ these 10 tips are a great place to start.

1. If you have created a personal profile page for your business instead of a business page this is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, so you will want to migrate your profile to a new business page. Migrating allows you to do this without losing all your connections. The Facebook migration tool is found at https://www.facebook.com/help?page=213602951994043
2. You should benchmark your current metrics. This will help you to improve your performance in anything you need to measure. First you should record where you currently are. You should also begin recording Post Specific metrics such as the number of Likes and Comments.
3. Identify a USP for your Page. What value are you ready to provide your reader?
4. Create a shorter customized URL for your page. A shorter URL is easy for your visitors to remember and it is easily promoted.
5. Use Insights to learn what the most popular content is on your Facebook Page and to learn where your traffic is coming from.
6. Caption your photos with your marketing message. Add a caption to all of your images/photos to provide people with more information about your business. Include a call-to-action, a hyperlink, etc.
7. Regularly change your Cover Image, but keep your Profile Pic the same. Every time you change the cover Image it goes out into the news feed which is great exposure.
8. Make sure you feature your three most important apps next to the Photos app, which are an important part of your Facebook marketing strategy.
9. Take the time to create a calendar for your Facebook Page. Planning is very important and planning what you are going to post about in advance and then scheduling it in your editorial calendar can be very helpful.
10. Determine what your goal(s) is for using Facebook. Using Facebook just because the competition is, does not make a good enough reason.

These ten tips are a great way to start to increase your Facebook ‘Likes’ and grow your fan base. Also, keep in mind that your posts are also important, as they will help to improve your reach, which in turn leads to an increase in fans.

Your focus is to grow your Facebook ‘Likes’ and then to keep these fans engaged and interested on what you have to say, eventually leading to sales.

10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Likes



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