Other Effective Affiliate Marketing Methods

Most affiliate marketers, even new ones, are very well aware of and use the obvious tools to market their products like Google Adwords, emails, blogs, and writing articles for ezines. There are at least three other effective methods of affiliate marketing that are not quite so obvious.
Offering coupons as incentives has long been a brick and mortar business tool used for getting shoppers into stores. It can also be used on the internet.  With close to 80% of shoppers using coupons, covering all the major age groups, it can add up to one powerful marketing tool. Coupons can be a very effective tool in reaching your targeted market segment and selling your products. 

One every business should take a serious look at and see if it's appropriate for their products. Coupons can be used as a low-cost way of introducing your product into the marketplace. Giving out free samples or discount coupons can gather loyal customers who first try your product for free or at a discounted rate. Building brand loyalty is the one of the hallmarks of a developing a successful product or service. Using coupons is one method of bringing your customers back for more, again and again. Over time, your products will gain the trust of the consumer.
Regular posting on major online forums isn’t an obvious way to drive traffic to your website but it does work. You must follow all the rules of any forum and most disallow blatant advertising but by posting regularly you can work your advertisements in and since it is a well known fact that people buy from those they trust, your sales will be increased by a larger percent than your traffic.

Use free brandable reports that visitors can download and use. These reports and e-books should have links back to your site (or sites).

Other Effective Affiliate Marketing Methods



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