Learning to Use Your Flash Properly on Your Digital Camera

Point and shoot cameras have certainly changed the way we take photos. You can get 12 MP point and shoot cameras that are no bigger than a deck of playing cards. So you can’t expect to find an awesome flash in such a camera. On a camera so small, it’s really impossible to put the flash away from lens.

The problem is when the flash sits so close to the lens the light is shot forward and parallel to the camera’s lens. This will cause your photos to be flat and shadowless, which means there is no depth to the people in your photos. If you get too close to the subject, he/she will be washed out. 

You might not be able to solve the problems associated with point and shoot flashes, but there are ways you can work around it. Try to shoot your photos where there is enough light so that you don’t have to use the flash. You will need to be really steady if you are not using a flash, so brace yourself against a table or a building; hold your camera tight against your body for stability, or invest in a tripod. There are some awesome little tripods out there that can be bent all kinds of ways. Invest in one!

Of course, if you have to use the flash to get the picture, do so. You don’t want to ignore the shot just because it requires a flash. You might miss out on some great shots if you do this. Some of those moments aren’t going to come again.

Take some time to practice using your flash in different lighting situations so you can figure out in advance the best way to get a photo under certain lighting conditions. You should also learn how to diffuse your flash, which will cut down on the distance it is able to reach. Diffusing can sometimes mess with the exposure and so learn how to use this technique properly. You can adjust exposure using photo software so don’t worry about it too much. It is easy to fix underexposure than overexposure so keep that in mind.

Flashes are perfect for creating balance in the exposure of your photo. The flash will fill in the exposure and makes sure that your subject stands out from the background. Learn to get the most out of your flash so that you can keep taking great pictures.

Learning to Use Your Flash Properly on Your Digital Camera



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