Learn to Use Your Presets on Your Digital Camera

Most digital cameras come with all kinds of bells and whistles. Even today’s point and shoot cameras have plenty of solid features and maybe a little fluff too. Getting to know your camera involves using it and shooting pictures over and over! However, experts also have some solid advice for you and that is to forget about the bells and whistles and learn to use your presets.

One of the features you can turn off is the ‘digital zoom.’ This is a feature that sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is. If there’s one thing about digital zoom is that it is terrible no matter what camera it is on and you should avoid using it. You can use photo software to do a much better job than the digital zoom that is found on almost all digital cameras.  Instead, look to use your optical zoom, which is when your lens actually brings the object closer. Never put your trust into digital zoom.

Another of the bells and whistles that’s getting a lot of attention is the blink and smile detection that some manufacturers, like Nikon, have incorporated into their digital cameras. This technology hasn’t been without controversy. Nikon caught a lot of flack for their detection feature that wasn’t able to tell the difference between an Asian and someone who was blinking.  Instead of using gimmicks like this, make a habit of taking three or four photos in a row. Then you can take the best shot and use it.

Finally, get to know your presets. These really are invaluable! There are all kinds of presents on most digital cameras and you should learn what they are and how they work. They can instantly make you a better photographer. The presets are named to match their function. For example, if you are taking pictures of a sports even then choose the sports preset.

You can also be creative with the presets and use them in ways that are not so obvious. For example, the landscape present, which provides a wide depth of the landscape, can also be used if you want a photo where your subject and background are both in focus.

Your camera will have a number of different presets. Take the time to learn what these presets are supposed to be used for and how you might use them in a more creative manner. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Thanks to the world of digital photography, almost anyone can take good pictures so why not start taking yours today.

Learn to Use Your Presets on Your Digital Camera



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