How to Increase Your CTR From Reddit

It’s obvious that everyone is looking for more page views. This makes the CTR a very important element when using Reddit to generate traffic. Having a higher click through rate is going to mean that for a given effort, you’ll be getting more eyes on your page and hence potentially more sales.

Improve your content
In order to increase your CTR ratings, you should be delivering high quality content that tries to solve a reader’s problem. Do this by making your blog or site as useful and attractive as possible. Always update your content and always write content that your audience will find relevant. You should also use keywords that are appropriate and applicable. Your content should be easy to read and understand. Try to use interesting information that will capture the attention of the audience. This therefore means that better content means more visitors to your page. If users are enjoying your content they will be more likely to upvote it, meaning that it will rise up the page on Reddit and more people will see it.

Use good images
Make sure that you choose very strong images as this will automatically increase your ratings. The audience on Reddit are in a rush, they like to skim content and then jump back to Reddit, your job is to stop them in their tracks and grab their attention. Have attractive images and format them correctly. Your pictures should be clear, engaging, interesting and detailed. You will attract more viewers to your site if your images are stimulating, fun or curious.

Be headline conscious
As I said before, people are in a rush. Anything that you can do to grab their attention is good, meaning that your headline shouldn’t be hidden by all the others surrounding it. Statistics say that the longer your headline, the better it is received by the audience because it conveys authority and trust. It will also prevent your title being overshadowed by longer posts around it.

Be genuine
As a community, Reddit has a distaste for content that is considered to be created by marketers in an effort to dupe them and earn revenue. You must ensure that you come across as a real user, and the best way to do this is to actually integrate into the community. Make use of Reddit and enjoy it. Interact as any normal user would, comment on posts that aren’t your own, share links that aren’t to your site. Become a Redditor.

How to Increase Your CTR From Reddit



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