Essential Plugins to Harden Your WordPress Security

If you are running a WordPresssite, security needs to be your primary concern. In many cases, WordPress blogs are compromised because of outdated core files and/or plugins. Files that are outdated can be traced and you are providing hackers with an open invitation to your site. Here are some essential plugins to make sure you have installed.

WP DB Backup
WP DB Backup is an easy to use plugin that allows you to backup your core WordPress database tables with just a few mouse clicks. Don’t let its ease of use fool you – this is a powerful tool and it remains one of the most popular plugins to secure WordPress powered websites.

WP Security Scan
Using this plugin, scanning your WordPress site become a simple task to carry out. It will find the vulnerabilities in your website and it provides useful tips on removing them.

WP-DB Manager
This is yet another terrific plugin that lets you manage your WP database. It can be used as an option rather than using the WordPress Backup Manager.

Ask Apache Password Protect
This plugin does not control WordPress, nor will it mess with your database. Rather it uses speedy, proven built-in security features that provide a number of multiple security layers to your blog.

Admin SSL Secure Plugin
This is another plugin for keeping your admin panel secure. It acts on your SSL encryption and is extremely helpful against hackers or others who are attempting to get access to your panel that isn’t allowed. It is an adversary for the Chap Secure Login Plugin.

Limit Login Attempts
Limit Login Attempts blocks the internet address from making any further attempts after a specified number of retries has been reached, which makes a brute-force attack next to impossible.

One Time Password
This unique plugin will help you to set a one-time password for your login. This will stop unwanted users from logging in from internet cafes or other open sites.

Bad Behavior
Bad Behavior is a plugin that aids in fighting annoying spammers. The plugin will help you prevent spam messages on your blog, and it will also attempt to limit access to your WordPress blog, so they will not even be able even to read it.

User Spam Remover
This plugin has a name that gives away just what its function is. This is a popular plugin that helps in the prevention and removal of unwanted spam messages.

There you have it – a handful of essential plugins you should install on your WordPress blog.

Essential Plugins to Harden Your WordPress Security



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