Nice Guy Versus The Pick Up Artist

There are a lot of guys out there that are looking for nothing but a one night stand. These are the guys that pick up those mentally deficient eBooks about being a pick-up artist and think they can get any woman they want. The sad thing is that there are so many of these guys in the world that it basically ruins the chances for an actual nice guy to go out and find a woman that he intends to spend the rest of his life with. These guys basically have no chance because the self-proclaimed pick-up kings have already ruined it for the nice guy.

The difference between a pick-up artist and a nice guy are the same as night and day. The artist will try corny lines and then ignore the woman they are interested in while the nice guy will attempt to buy her a drink. The artist will sit there and talk about all of his accomplishments, most of which are completely made up, while the nice guy is going to be willing to sit and listen to the woman talk about her likes and dislikes. Of course, the nice guy hardly ever gets his chance to do any of this.

Pick-up artists will attempt to get as many women as they possibly can in one night. It’s a lot easier to hit on hundreds of women and get one to go home with you rather than trying to focus on one woman all night long. This means that by the time the nice guy shows up at the bar or club, the women there have already been hit on by every artist in town. After a while, they will get tired of it and shoot down the nice guy before he even attempts to get to know them.

Being a pick-up artist may seem like a great thing for some guys, but the reality is far different from what you might think. Sure, you can have some one night stands here and there, but you are never going to be happy with that in the end. There comes a time when all you really want is someone to talk to and to be with, and when that time comes you aren't going to be able to find that special woman to share those moments with. That’s mainly because other artists have already helped build the wall around that woman.
So remember this; when it comes time for you to want a relationship, you need to think back to all the weird and annoying things you used to do as a pick-up artist so that you can understand why women want nothing to do with you anymore. It might have been fun while you were younger, but eventually you are going to grow up and realize that you are completely alone and that is never going to change for you. Women want the nice guy and they want the pick-up artist to go away and let the nice guy have a chance one in a while.

Nice Guy Versus The Pick Up Artist



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