Its Me Or The Dog

How many times have you heard the phrase “It’s me or the dog?” Most of the time it’s said in a joking manner, but there are those occasions that when these words are uttered, they’re totally serious. It may not be such a big deal unless it’s someone that you’re hoping to have a romantic relationship. Seriously, you can say “Ok, bye” to your friend, your brother, sister or even a parent. But when it comes to someone that you’re attracted to and want to go further with, it’s a lot more difficult to just wave goodbye. 

Obviously, if you’ve got a pet, then you love animals. This is a very good quality in you. People that love animals are generally very good people. Taking that into consideration, turn that thinking in another direction. What does the fact that your person of interest doesn’t like animals say about him? Doesn’t it make you feel as if you should be looking at him a bit more closely? If someone has no love for animals, there’s usually a very huge hole within them somewhere. 

Take a very close look at this person that seems to hate your pet. How does your pet react around him? Animals are pretty good at picking up on whether or not people like them. If your pet is somewhat hostile to your new friend, there’s probably a reason. However, on the other hand, if this guy keeps claiming that he doesn’t like dogs, for instance, but your dog keeps trying to sit on his lap and lick his face, chances are that this guy is trying to sell you a bill of goods. In this instance, the more time that your dog and your man spend together, they will most likely become fast friends before you know it. 

You also have to consider that if your man is telling you that he LOVES dogs but all your dog wants to do is bite him and growl at him, you need to consider that he just might be lying to you. Also, if he’s lying to you about that, then what else might he be lying to you about? Your dog could be protecting you from getting involved with a less than savory character. 

In the end, though, you’re the only one that can decide if you want to throw over your loyal pet in favor of a new guy that may or may not work out. Before you make the rash choice to take your once beloved pet to the pound, consider what a great companion he has been to you. He’s probably outlasted several boyfriends already, and he just might have outlasted this one, too. Think it all through very carefully because there are not guarantees that this guy is going to be “the one.” Even if he does have potential, just how much could you possibly have in common with someone that isn’t going to allow you to have a pet if you’re going to be with him? Don’t be shocked if he brings home a pet snake one day. That’s when you’ll know that you probably should have kept your dog.

Its Me Or The Dog



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